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Subject: Re: Aja
Author: isaac pogossian-obobi   (guest,
Date: August 13, 2004 at 8:02:16 AM
Reply to: Aja by Mara
The goat is a symbol of the Sun in India, where the day star is called Aja Ekapad ("the goat of the single foot"). Aja means not only "goat", but also "unborn" (a-ja). As such, it is the symbol of primordial, unorganized matter, the same as Prakriti. The goat is also associated with the vajra, an image of the Fallen Sun. Interestingly enough, this association prevailed not only in India, but also in China, Tibet, and even Greece.

Meaning unborn, eternal Brahma, the zodiacal sign of Aries, a name of Moon and of Kamadeva. Born from the heart of Brahma, it is also known as Atmabhu, self-existent. It stands for the manifest deity, which is an outer cover of the ever concealed. It represents the primeval thirst for sentient existence personified by Kamadeva (q.v.).
Aries is known as Aja, which induces externalisation process and produces the energy to blossom in splendour. Aja is an epithet applied to many gods. It is also, the name of a prince in the solar race of kings sometimes he is said to be the son of Raghu and at other times the son of
Dilip the son of Raghu. He redeemed a celestial musician, a gandharva, transformed as a mad elephant. On his release, the gandharva gave Aja certain arrows, which enabled him to win and marry Indumati, the daughter of the King of Vidarbha, in a Swayamvara (where a bride herself selects her husband). When their son Dasharath, the father of Rama, grew up, Aja ascended to Indra's heaven.
[(Aja = ram) + (Eka = one) + (Pada = foot)]. Presiding deity of Purva Bhadrapada (q.v.), a primary Rudra born of Kashyapa and Surabhi, represents the sure-footed goat. It is transcendent cosmic energy, referred in the Atharva Veda along with Rohit, primarily concerned with producing heaven and earth. Ajaikapada establishes itself as the Sun to nourish the universe. (See Ahirbudhanya)

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