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Subject: Re: more on Chiara...
Author: Profe Esteban   (guest)
Date: February 27, 2006 at 2:45:49 PM
Reply to: more on Chiara... by Cat
Hi, Cat... I'll tray to be "clear". In latin languages, we have adjectives and nouns that have both genders (male/female). In English, you don't have that complication: when we say "EL gato(male), LA gata (female)", you just say THE CAT for both. This is the case: "chiara/chiaro" as adjective, mean "light" (as opposite to "dark"). But "chiara" is also a noun that means "the white part of the egg" (here we have no male). Finally, in spanish we use "Clara" for the girl name (Claire, in English), "clara/o" as an adjective and "clara" the opposite to "yema:yolk". Regards.
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