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Subject: Pronounciation help
Author: Mwa   (guest,
Date: August 15, 2004 at 11:33:53 AM
How do you say the following names?

NYX f Greek Mythology
Means "night" in Greek. This was the name of the Greek goddess of the night.

PAVAO m Croatian
Croatian form of MICHAEL

QIU m,f Chinese
Means "autumn" in Chinese.

QUYEN f Vietnamese
Means "bird" in Vietnamese.

EADAN f Irish
Modern form of ÉTAÍN “jealousy”

EIRIAN f Welsh
Means "bright, beautiful" in Welsh.

ELOI m French
French form of Eligius (see ELIGIO).

TIEN F Vietnamese
Means "fairy, spirit" in Vietnamese

VEIVE M The Etruscan god of revenge.


Thank you!

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