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Subject: Re: angrams
Author: Phyllis   (guest)
Date: April 21, 2001 at 6:39:19 PM
Reply to: Re: angrams by dani

I thought I'd try two possibles on you, neither are translations of your first name, though. :(

1. Sidhe Fioinnuisce (translation: Spirit of Fresh Water)
2. Gualainn Ban [a-fada ("accent mark" on the a, which changes the "a" to a sound like in "far")] (translation: White Shoulder)

I got the first idea from kinda combining Dani and Nola and tinkering with it a bit. Dani and Nola "while dropping a couple of letters" combines to make Naiad, a Greek water nymph. The second is a translation of your middle name.
If you like either one, please let me know which one. :)

Blessed be
Phyllis (aka Sidhe Uaine or Gaia Euphoria)

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