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Subject: Re: Selah confusion
Author: Tieliebirds   (Authenticated as Tieliebirds)
Date: August 17, 2004 at 6:15:54 PM
Reply to: Re: Selah confusion by Claire

Hi there! I'm glad you got something found out, Caleigh! I pronounce it SAY-la too LOL and I'm glad someone else thinks it's okay to pronounce it however you like. I was thinking that I'd just spell it Seyla or Seylah (though a lot of people would still probably try to say it SEE-luh) if I thought pronouncing Selah as SAY-la would screw people up too much, but I really do prefer the Selah spelling. Also, in my searchings on the internet, I found several references to a Christian music group called Selah. I wonder how they/more importantly, their fans pronounce it (since that means there would be at least some people out there with an idea of how to say it, regardless of whether they're saying it "right" or not). And I agree, Claire.... don't really understand how "e" would make the "ee" sound in Hebrew. I'm also glad that my suspicions are confirmed and Sela and Selah are not the same name.

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