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Subject: Re: Name genders
Author: Miranda   (Authenticated as Randee15)
Date: August 18, 2004 at 12:53:07 AM
Reply to: Name genders by Anneza
BtN says Florry's an Anglicisation of Flaithrí (Flaithri), but I agree that it could come from Florian or Florence (the latter being a more-or-less legitly unisex name). I think it's nice on a guy.

Tracey / Tracy's a bit more complex. It's a legit unisex name, deriving from different origins:
1. If female, it's a variant of Teresa through the short form Treza (I don't know where Treza itself comes from though)
2. If male, it comes from either a Norman French surname meaning "domain belonging to Thracius" or is an Anglicisation of Treasaigh meaning "warlike" in Gaelic (I'm not too sure how accurate the latter meaning is, however)

And I like Tracey on a guy too. It's refreshing.


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