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Subject: Re: ciaran, or ciarin
Author: Domhnall   (guest)
Date: August 18, 2004 at 1:43:01 AM
Reply to: ciaran, or ciarin by margo
In true Gaelic, the name is usually "Ciarán."
It is pronounced [KEE-a-rawn] or just [KEER-rawn].

The primary Anglicization is "Kieran."

The root is 'ciar' meaning 'black,' 'dark,' and 'swarthy' with a diminutive suffix '-án' added.

The only Gaelic variant is "Céirín," where the '-án' suffix is replaced by '-ín.' This name is much rarer, and typically rendered in English as "Kieren" or "Kierin."

The only other variation of note is Gaelic "Ciardhubhán." This 'double-black' name is sometimes Anglicized "Kieran," but also "Kirwan."

The name "Ciarin" is wholely made-up and illegitimate.

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