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Subject: Neamh - Heaven
Author: Ineevia   (guest)
Date: April 1, 2006 at 12:05:06 AM
When my children were born my husband and I wanted to honour the Irish side of their heritage (my mother is from Ireland). We did this by choosing Irish middle names. My daughter's mn was the literal/actual word for 'heaven' in Irish, which is Neamh (pro. n-EE-v). I see that this is not in your database. You do have Niamh, which is a slightly different spelling used to reflect it's use as a name.

Neamh can be seen below, as the Irish word for 'heaven' in the Irish version of the Lord's Prayer:

Below it is used as the Irish word for 'heaven', in Irish singer/songwriter Enya's song 'Athair ar Neamh' or 'Father in Heaven':

and finally, scrolling down the page a little, you can see it's use and meaning as an Irish name:

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