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Subject: Nicknames for "Kira" and variants
Author: Khayeth   (Authenticated as Khayeth)
Date: August 18, 2004 at 9:13:35 AM
Hi all-

I hope you all agree this falls under the jurisdiction of usage and not opinion : )

So what nicknames are currently in usage for the name "Kira" (or Kiera, Keira, etc). I do fully understand that the spelling Kira is either a Greek title, similar to Madam, or the feminine Russian form of Cyrus via Kiril. As a Russian name i have found the diminutive Kiroshka. Its a great nickname but i don't know that you could convinve Americans to warm up to it.

Spelled that way it is also Persian for "sun". I can't find any nickname trends in Persian, so i'm hoping someone who reads this will have had experience with how that works.

Same with the celtic homophone, Kiera/Keira/Ciara. I'm just not familiar enough with how that nicknaming system works either.

I look forward to hearing all the different derivatives you've all come across! Thanks!


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