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Subject: Re: A fight with a friend
Author: chazda   (Authenticated as chazda)
Date: April 8, 2006 at 12:58:30 AM
Reply to: A fight with a friend by Mithos514
Well, it's true that the word "lee" can describe the downwind side of a thing - that is, the side sheltered from the wind. And I wouldn't go so far as to say BtN is "never" wrong. BtN just has the meanings that are considered most likely, by the most credible and completely researched sources.

You'd think there could be a Lee family whose name came from the word for downwind, like the downwind side of a mountain, and not the word for meadow. But according to BtN, the best research actually traces the name to the word for "meadow."

So I'd say you win the debate, unless your friend can produce historical sources to back up his claim, that there is a Lee family whose name is traceable to the other meaning.

- chazda

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