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Subject: Hungarian pet forms of Erzsébet
Author: Narinoc   (Authenticated as Narinoc)
Date: August 19, 2004 at 3:33:50 AM
The topic of the pet forms and variations of Elizabeth was brought up on the Opinions board - someone even posted Satu's famous list. I thought it might be time to add the pet forms of Erzsébet, the Hungarian variant of Elizabeth.

These are from the list given out by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary is one of the countries where you can choose names only from this list). Some of them are already included in the database, I was just too lazy to delete them from here :-)

Betta, Betti, Böbe, Böbi, Böbike, Böri, Börike, Böske, Bözse, Bözsi, Bözsike, Csöre, Csöri, Csörike, Erzse, Erzsi, Erzsike, Erzsó, Erzsóci, Erzsók, Erzsóka, Lici, Liszka, Liza, Lizi, Örzse, Örzsi, Örzsike, Pendzsó, Pendzsu, Perzsi, Pöre, Pöri, Pörike, Pörke, Pörzsi, Pöszi, Pötyi, Zsike, Zsóka

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