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Subject: Re: ATTN: Lala
Author: lala   (guest,
Date: August 19, 2004 at 9:24:55 AM
Reply to: ATTN: Lala by Indy
Hi Indy.

One thing before we start. You never call Indian names Hindi. Hindi is just a language spoken in India. They are just Indian Names, and most of them (almost all) are derived from Sanskrit, Just like English names are from Latin. You don't call them Hindu names either, unless it refers to a character in Hindu Mythology. Hindu Mythology names are a subset of Indian names, Like Biblical Names in English. Sorry, just pet peeve of mine - not trying to be rude ;)

Avani- AVEN-ee (AVEN rhymes with DOVE-in)
Devika- THEY-vee-kah (THEY should rhyme with DAY)
Kalyani- CUL-yah-nee (CUL should rhyme with GULL [as in Seagull])
Makara- not Indian, so I wouldn't know
Shanasa- ditto
Sitara- My friend was named this - see-THAR-ah (THAR should rhyme w/bar)
Sundari- This is the first word in a classic Tamil Song :) SOON-tha-ree (say the "OO" like you would say it in "SOOT")
Sunila- soon-NEE-la (see above for the OO)
Tamanna- no clue whether its Indian or not :(
Tarika- ditto
Ravi- RAV-ee (RAV should rhyme with DOVE)


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