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Subject: Re: meaning of the name
Author: thegriffon   (Authenticated as thegriffon)
Date: July 14, 2018 at 6:27:37 PM
Reply to: Re: meaning of the name by Ainoa
I'm somewhat Dubious about that. It doesn't occur in Spanish dictionaries, and doesn't appear as a Spanish name. In Hawaiian Polynesian : "AI-NO-A, v. Ai, to eat, and noa, free from restraint. To eat freely, without regarding the kapu; to break kapu by eating; to disregard the kapus in one's manner of living.

AI-NO-A, s. Ai and noa. Implying a release from kapu; the opposite of aikapu; freedom from the restraints of kapu; o ka ainoa, oia ka hoomaka ana e pau ai ia mau kapu,the eating freely, i.e., (the disregarding the kapu,) that was the beginning of the destruction of the kapu system. Ainoa was the general term, and universally applied when the nation threw off idolatry. Haw. Hist.

AI-NO-A, s. Name of those persons who first ate together, men and women, contrary to the kapu."

In Finnish : Ainoa means sole, only, unique, and the variant Aino "the only" is used as a personal name. (The Finnish word was borrowed from early Germanic).

Ainhoa is a basque village in France, and also a Basque name, which is sometimes rendered (incorrectly) as Ainoa. The other variant is the Basque name Aino. The origin is said to be the Basque for goat, although Basque etymological studies seem to be mainly speculative, there being no related languages to compare forms and trace development.

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