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Subject: Re: A question for Latin experts concerning FABIAN
Author: Andy   (guest)
Date: August 19, 2004 at 11:10:59 PM
Reply to: Re: A question for Latin experts concerning FABIAN by Anneza
Thank you, Anneza, for your "harsh words"! I think you are perfectly right. Unfortunately I don't own the book where I found this piece of information and I don't remember its title. But probably the author wouldn't be able to tell where he got the information from. This seems to be a common thing: one author copies information from another without checking it.

This happened in Germany over decades with the name SVENJA. Someone wrote: "female form of SVEN" and dozens of namebooks just copied this, until someone found out that SVENJA was not used as a given name in Scandinavia and that it had nothing to do with SVEN.

So I really appreciate this board because many people with many name books and dictionaries and even more imagination can check out the origins and meanings of names.

On the other hand I have traced bits of information that sounded very unlikely to me - and they turned out to be correct. That's why I put this question on the board.

Thanx for your help!

Andy ;—)

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