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Subject: meaning?
Author: Wyla   (guest)
Date: April 18, 2006 at 2:08:56 PM
I looked on your list and my name is NOT there. Other name meanings websites have no listing of my name either. I know from my baby book that I was brought home from the hospital as baby girl Baugh. Two weeks later my paternal grandmother named me after my father whose name is Wiley. Grandmother spelled my name: Wyla. She also gave me a middle name of Jane which my mother did NOT like and changed to Ann. So, according to my baby book and my birth records, I did NOT have a name for my first two weeks of life! My full recorded birth name: Wyla Ann Baugh. I have searched for years the meaning of my first name. I challenge you to find its meaning, origin and anything else you can find about. Thank you, in advance, so very much for your time on this matter.

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