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Subject: Re: i want to know the meaning of my name
Author: uhuru   (Authenticated as uhuru)
Date: April 27, 2006 at 11:07:02 AM
Reply to: i want to know the meaning of my name by uhuru
Listen everyone. I already know that uhuru is swahili for "freedom". What I want to REALLY know is if this name appears in ANY OTHER LANGUAGE and what it means in that LANGUAGE. For instance, the name ULURU is a mountain in Australia. Tell me what THAT means. ANY VARIATION AT ALL is FINE. You know "AHURA", "UHURA", etc. In fact, ANYTHING CLOSE WILL DO. Also I need to know what other words are used for "FREEDOM", but MOST IMPORTANT, I NEED to KNOW ALL the different variations of the spelling of the name "UHURU" and what THAT variation means IN THAT OTHER LANGUAGE. HELP ME PLEASE!

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