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Subject: Re: KUMARIE
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: May 1, 2001 at 4:38:51 PM
Reply to: KUMARIE by Angela
Angela , when you hit the "Post a Message" button, did this message appear on you screen right above where you typed in your name, subject, and message?

"If you are posting a question about the origin of a name please include as much information as possible. Most important are the gender and ethnic background."

Maybe it didn't. I wonder, though...

If the name you are looking for happens to be a FEMININE, HINDU name, I have a lot of information for you.

But if you're not planning to make the effort to come back to this board, seeing as how you've asked people to e-mail you the info (which I, and others, here don't generally do because that would be giving one's private e-mail addy to a stranger, which isn't always a wise thing to do), then I'm not going to bother posting the info here.

But if you do come back, please post the requested info about the name you are seeking, and then maybe I'll come back and give you what info I have.

Or maybe someone else here will actually e-mail you.

It's kinda intriguing, waiting to see which will happen first. ;)

-- Nanaea

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