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Subject: But since you asked . . .
Author: Chrisell   (guest)
Date: August 25, 2004 at 12:22:33 AM
Reply to: Re: Will these names be too dated to use in 10 years, or will they be okay, just not "popular"? by Chrisell
Breanna was around 300th in the 80s and has been around 100th in the 90s. It peaked at 74th in 1996 and again in 1999. Last year it was at 105. My guess: its popularity will fall off again slowly, so it'll probably be back to 80s levels in 10 years' time.

Hailey was around 550th in the 80s, and has risen from 310th in 1990 to 26th last year. My guess: it may peak or it may go on rising, but it will probably still be within the top 200 in 10 years' time.

Kelsie was at 782nd in the 80s, rose from 338th in 1990 to its peak at 237th in 1993, and has fallen away steadily to be 594th last year. My guess: this one is on its way out. In 10 years' time it might sound dated but it won't be overly popular.

Danielle was 926th in the 40s, 734th in the 50s, 238th in the 60s, 46th in the 70s and 25th in the 80s. It peaked at 18th in 1990-1993 and has fallen away steadily to be 84th last year. My guess: it'll still be popular in 10 years' time, but will have settled at around the 150-200 mark.

Courtney was 595th in the 60s, 132nd in the 70s and 37th in the 80s. It peaked at 17th in 1990 and has since fallen away to 104th. My guess: this will drop in popularity steadily and may be useable in 10 years' time. However, I also think it will rise in popularity for boys.

Alison was 689th in the 40s, 347th in the 50s, 259th in the 60s and 134th in the 70s. It peaked at 107th in the 80s and during the 90s fell away to 231st. My guess: this will drop in popularity but as it's a long-established classic I don't see it dropping below around the 350-400 mark.

Ava was 456th in 1900-09. It dropped to 768th in the 40s, jumped to 438th in the 50s, dropped again to 961st in the 70s, was 925th in the 80s. It disappeared in 1990 but reappeared at 887th in 1991. It has since risen fairly steadily to be 41st in 2003. My guess: this one is just beginning its run. It will be very popular for most if not all of the next 10 years.

Remember, these are just guesses based on current trends - I could be completely wrong!

Elizabeth has not dropped lower than 23rd since 1900 (that was in the 40s). My guess: it will remain very popular, although possibly it will drop out of the top 10 and remain in the top 20.

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