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Subject: Re: advise on my friends baby girls name
Author: Charlotte   (guest)
Date: May 5, 2001 at 7:22:41 AM
Reply to: advise on my friends baby girls name by **JEN***
Cassidy - It's very cute, and I think it is a good choice for a girl. Cassie is a nick name which she could use during her teenage years.
Regan - I don't like this name.
Scarlett - I like it as a middle name - Chloe Scarlett sounds very poetic.
Summer - It's way too trendy.
Alice - It is a good old fashioned name but I have to admit, I prefer Alicia .
Amber - It is too trendy.
Carolyn - It's too old fashioned for my liking. I prefer Carolina .
Angela - As above. I prefer Andrea (nick name - Andie)
Heidi - It's okay but I think it'd be better as a middle name.
Hannah - Too popular
Jamie lee-lyn - Lee-lyn? What on earth? I hate it.
Sarah Jane - I have a friend called Sara (pronounced like Sarah ) Jane . I don't particularly like the name. Sarah is too popular. Seraphina is a nice alternative.
Jillian - I really hate this name.
Jolie - A lovely middle name.
Litia - I think this is really pretty.
Robin - It's too trendy
Randi - As a nick name for Miranda . Randy in British and Australian slang means horny..
Olivia - I prefer Livia which can be a nick name for Olivia or can mean blue.
Sydney - It's too trendy
Gabriel - Too masculine looking. I prefer Gabriella .
Sabrina - Very pretty but it reminds me of the teenage witch.
April - I don't like it.
May - It's a nice middle name
Melanie - It's okay but not my style.
Veronica - It seems to be getting more popular now but I still don't like it.
Charlotte - I love my name. I've never had any problems with it and everyone knows how to pronounce it. I have had the ocassional spelling mistake (Sharlot, Charlot.. etc) but it's generally been a good name. Charlie/Lottie are nice nick names but personally, I have always been a Charlotte not anything shorter.
Lucy - I prefer it as a nick name (spelt Lucie) for Lucinda . Lucinda is a really pretty name which I think would suite a little girl, teenager and adult really well.
Daphne - A nice change from the regular Lauren and Laura . I love the name Daphne - I'm not sure if I could name a daughter it though.
Theresa - I prefer Terese or Teresa .

I think your friend should consider using Lucinda and Charlotte out of all the names of yours. They are both great names which have multiple nick names.

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