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Subject: Re: Off Topic: Media Highs and Lows
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: May 6, 2001 at 8:20:41 PM
Reply to: Re: Off Topic: Media Highs and Lows by Daividh
"Hehehehe! L.I./Senator Hillary Hot Button time! Please don't make this SOOOO easy, Nan!"

@@@@ Ain't nobody touchin' MY buttons! Well, 'cept John, maybe. ;)

"Do you think I really CARE about 'disgusting sexual proclivities' between consenting adults? Tsk."

@@@@ Well... I figured that maybe you might know something I don't, to be callin' 'em "disgusting". :) Eh, that's okay if you don't wanna spill -- Selwyn wouldn't tell me, either. ;)

"Is the Jessica Rabbit freeze-frame anywhere on the Net? : )"

@@@@ I wouldn't know that, Daividh. ;) Actually, the controversial scene that those wacky and rebellious animators put in is supposed to be viewable only from the laser disc version -- the *first* edition laser disc version, mind you. Disney supposedly "fixed" the subsequent version. BTW, I have that laser disc, and I understand it's worth big bucks among certain collectors. I may yet flog it on E-Bay someday. :)

"And, yes, I think you're right that "American Beauty" was a bit self-indulgent. But wasn't "self-indulgence" the whole motivating force of Spacey's character?"

@@@@ Eh, I may give that movie another try sometime. Right now I'm on a retro kick. Just bought the new DVD release of the old Liz Taylor *Cleopatra*. It's a hoot! :) And if you want a good recommendation for another old movie, try *The Big Country* on DVD. I swear, I'm willing to say that must be the best western ever made.

"That aside, trust me, Nan, this new "Mummy" movie IS high-teck dreck."

@@@@ I'll take your word for it. I've been hearing similar stuff, as well. From my gay friends! Hahahahaha!

-- Nanaea

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