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Subject: Re: Names
Author: 'Cole   (guest)
Date: May 7, 2001 at 12:41:41 AM
Reply to: Names by Caroline
You certainly have a variety of names! I'll respond as best I can;here goes:

Lily- pretty, not too common
Cara- this spelling isn't used as much as "Kara", which is good
Nikki- HATE this spelling! I think "Nicky" is cute nick name
Jennica- never heard it before, but it's pretty
Raven- LOVE it!
Robin- could be RAVEN's twin sister's name!
Ashley- don't care for it, overused
Tyler- like it
Skyler- may become popular,but not overused; I like it, very pretty
Schuyler- if this is another spelling for "SKYLER", stick to the other
Aquinnah- very unique, reminds me of "Hannah"
Hayley- very cute, sounds friendly
Hayden- better for a boy
Mary-Kate- it reminds me of the Olsen twins
Cambrie- pretty

River- I don't think I like it
Bray- nice as a middle name
Martin- don't like it
Caleb- love this name
Jonathan- might get called "Jon", which is too common. Use "Nathan".
Holden- as a middle name it might work
Luke- always liked this name
Jake- okay
Jack- like it
Elexus- kind of futuristic sounding, or like a car

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