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Subject: Re: Ha! Kre8ive names have also hit...
Author: Pavlos   (Authenticated as Pavlos)
Date: June 8, 2006 at 12:21:23 AM
Reply to: Re: Ha! Kre8ive names have also hit... by Anneza
Poor Izan, paying for his dad’s sins with such a name... I’m sure it has limited the scope of his career choices! On the flip side of the totalitarian coin, some really absurd names were granted to unfortunate children born during the not-so-gay Stalinist era! In Greece, there are quite a few Lenins and Stalins, all born in the late 1940s of communists parents. Most have now changed their names to George. Marxist-chic names abounded in former communist-bloc countries, including Vladilen/a (from Lenin), Titoslav/a, Titomir/a, Staljingradka, Komsomolka (Komsa), Ruska, Vjazma, Sutjeska, Neretva, Petoletka (five year plan), and pythonesque names such as Traktor/ka (sic!), Locomotive/va as well as -- hold on to your hat! -- an Aremenian name meaning "five year plan completed in four years." (check out :P

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