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Subject: Meanings for Merrick, Sirius and Daley. Anyone?
Author: Charlotte   (guest)
Date: May 9, 2001 at 2:03:21 PM
First off, does anyone know the meaning of the name Daley? I think that it's derived from an Irish surname or is related to Dale , somehow. As it is one of those surname names (it's just not as trendy as the rest!), I can't say it's gender. And if anyone knows the meaning of Merrick , can you share with me too? Merrick is an other one of those surnames which are becoming first names. I'm guessing it's a boys name but I can't be sure. Lastly, the origin of Sirius. It's a boys name, possibly of Greek descendant, as it's a name for some astrological thing. The exact thing has escaped my mind! Oh, and by the way, do you prefer Sasha (/Sacha ) as an independant name or as a nick name for Alexandra ?

All help is appreciated and thank you!

- Charlotte

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