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Subject: Re: Names
Author: Charlotte   (guest)
Date: May 9, 2001 at 2:09:22 PM
Reply to: Names by Carrie
Kelsey - I think this name screams, "I'm a teenager!" and that's it.
Michelle - Too 80's.
Fabienne - Too French for my liking. I do like Adrienne which has a similar ending.
Océane - Nice as a middle name; not as a first name.
Delphine - Great for a dolphin lover's child.
Ronja - Um..
Catelin - NO COMMENT. (too popular. spoiled by various spelling changes. hate it.)
Saige - As a middle name.
Jasmin - I like Jessamine better but this is okay, I guess.
Andrea - Pretty
India - I don't like the trendiness of naming children after places; unless there is a good reason behind it.
Josephine - I prefer Joanna but this is kinda cute.
Katrin - I love it spelt Catrin; I hate this spelling.
Jennifer - Overly popular.
Jennyfer - Funny spelling.
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