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Subject: Origins?
Author: Daien   (guest,
Date: June 24, 2006 at 8:54:22 AM
My first name is Daien. I always thought that it was pronounced like Dianne and I used to wish that was the spelling too. It was not until I was a teen that my parents told me that it was pronouned "Dai-en".

It was not until I was 30 that I learned what it meant. My biological parents (now my Aunt and Uncle) found the name in the back of a book of buddhist stories called "The cat's yawn". A list of priest names were there and the chinese characters that go with it. The translation said "Great Nature". However, nature is described in the sense of the universe and all its relations and connections. I was told by my Japanese husband that this difficult "kanji" (chinese Character) is more like connections so my name is like "Great Connections" or "Great Relations".

I have searched the internet for the name Daien and found a lot related to Africa, Japan and buddhist temples or priests who have taken the name, but I do not know if they share the same kanji.

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