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Subject: Re: Welsh name pronunciation
Author: morfydd   (Authenticated as morfydd)
Date: June 28, 2006 at 2:55:06 AM
Reply to: Welsh name pronunciation by Erin
Angharad: the sound 'ngh' is a phonetic sound and the nearest you are likely to get is 'Ang: harad'.
Addiena: 'dd' is the hardest 'th' you can render - cf. 'that' Ah-thee-en-ah.
Adwen: as it sounds. Ah-dwen.
Eirian: Eye-ree-an.
Esyllt: to make the 'll' sound you have to put your tongue where you would to say 'l' and blow. Ess-illt.
Llawella: again the 'll', only twice over. Llah-well-ah.

The only one of these unlikely to lead to trouble in the English speaking world is Adwen. I love the name Angharad, but a great friend of that name warned me never to call a daughter by it!

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