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Subject: Re: Pronunciation both in the US and globally
Author: Array   (Authenticated as WeloveyouJesseLacey)
Date: June 30, 2006 at 8:32:41 PM
Reply to: Pronunciation both in the US and globally by Lillian
I'll stand in for your daddy's people, since I'm Wisconsinite, born and bred. :D

I say SOY-yer. And for the sake of experiment, I wrote down the name and asked each of my sisters (16 and almost 13) individually how they'd pronunce it; they say SOY-yer, too. Which makes points for your side, but it's fair to point out that we're also from a family in which "costed" is the correct past tense of "to cost." So there's always the possibility that we're in the wrong. ;)

Array (also has never heard SAW-yer)

ETA: I just remembered that one of my roommates (a Minnesotan to the bones) has a young cousin named Sawyer. Another SOY-yer vote from the Midwest for you.

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