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Subject: Re: Greek Names
Author: Pavlos   (guest)
Date: August 31, 2004 at 4:09:03 AM
Reply to: Greek Names by Jordija
Thanks Christo for putting things so eloquently into perspective!

For anyone interested, here is the native GReek pronounciation

Charitomene = harry-toe-MENy
Xanthe = ksan-THEE (TH pronounced as Sylvester would pronounce thufferin' thuccotash)
Alastor = al-ASS-tor
Theano = the-ann-O (the pronounced again as Sylvester would. O as in Jackie 'O))
Halie = never heard of it as a Greek name
Danae = than-A-ee (th pronounced as in "though")
Astyanax = asti-ANN-ax
Andromache = andro-MA-hi
Polyxena = polly-KSE-ny
Priam = PREE-am-oss
Iason = ee-ASS-on
Aithre = ETH-ree (eth as in ethel)

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