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Subject: OPINIONS- Dante, Dominic, Kason, Keegan, Lleyton and more
Author: FriarRexx   (guest)
Date: May 12, 2001 at 7:53:31 PM
Looking for opinions for a baby boy due in early September...still have lots of time but would like to narrow it down some. Bianco(italian) is last name, but I am actually Irish so were contemplating if a tall redheaded kid should be named Dominic or Dante? Paul will be middle name regardless of what we choose for a first.

Dante- italian, seems ok
Dominic- many people seem to like
Lleyton- not sure, but I like the spelling
Kason/Cason- my wife thought of
Kaden/Caden- my version of Cason
Keegan- very irish, would it sound good as an adult?
Braeden- too popular I think
Kieran/Kiernan- again very irish
Trevor- ????

Thanks for the feedback......

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