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Subject: The Anagram Oracle has spoken
Author: Naneaa   (guest)
Date: May 12, 2001 at 11:03:54 PM
Reply to: OPINIONS- Dante, Dominic, Kason, Keegan, Lleyton and more by FriarRexx
I have consulted the Anagram Oracle on your behalf, and the A.O. has spoken. Practically all of your choices were rejected:

Dante Bianco = "Cannot Abide" (Social Pariah)
Dominic Bianco = "Nomadic, Bionic" (Homeless Medical Experiment)
Lleyton Bianco = "Only Noticable" (Seen, but never heard)
Kason Bianco = "Cannabis Koo" (Pothead)
Cason Bianco = "Coo! Cannabis!" (Pothead)
Caden Bianco = "Cocaine Band" (Drug-addicted Rocker)
Keegan Bianco = "Baconian Geek" (Philosophy Weirdo)
Braeden Bianco = "Nice Broad-bean" (Vegetable)
Kieran Bianco = "Anaerobic Kin" (Living in a Vacuum)
Trevor Bianco = "Vibrator Cone" (Uhhh... Never mind)

However, the A.O. thought this one was pretty cool:

Kiernan Bianco = "Cinnabar Eikon" (Redheaded God-image)

And this one came in second place:
Kaden Bianco = "Beckon Diana" (He Who Can Call Up the Moon Goddess)

-- Nanaea

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