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Subject: Re: YES! ! !
Author: Gia Nadine   (guest)
Date: May 16, 2001 at 8:39:44 AM
Reply to: Re: YES! ! ! by Sarahjeanne
I dont know the fans of the Twins got pretty rowdy when the yankees where in town. LOL I still cant beleive that. Just because Knoblach(sp?) is a yankee. Though he must not be that good he is playing left field and Ryan said that the players who arent what they used to be play left field. LOL He actually thought it was funny when the Twins fans through stuff at him! Oh well! Sarahjeanne about the boss thing I know what you are going through. I have one of those kind of bosses. Mine drives me crazy! She is to young to be a boss! But pop in whenever you can k???! Let us know you are still alive!

Gia Nadine

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