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Subject: Re: a challenge of sorts...
Author: Lena   (guest)
Date: May 16, 2001 at 7:32:31 PM
Reply to: a challenge of sorts... by Mike C
Göran, the Swedish form of George , is spelt thus, with two dots. Goran is Yugoslavian (I think). Göran is also spelt Jöran. Another Swedish form is Örjan.
Mårten, the Swedish form of Martin , is spelt with "å". I've seen both Mårten and Martin but never Marten .
Kaj is the usual Scandinavian form of the name Kai . It is used for both men and women. Origin may be the Latin Caius .
Orbra is something I have never heard in Sweden, not as a name, not as a word. There is a male name Orvar (old Scandinavian) though but it means "arrow".
Runa is only used for girls. The male form is Rune or Runar.
Inge is used for both men and women. It is short for names like Ingemar (male) and Ingeborg (female)
Rebecka is the most common form of Rebecca in Scandinavia. Any name with two Ks together must be Finnish.
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