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Subject: pronunciation or / plus meaning
Author: Natasa   (guest)
Date: May 17, 2001 at 4:21:49 PM
I found some names and I'm not sure of some of their pronunciations and some of their meanings. I was just wondering if
maybe you could help me out. If you know the origin as well please tell me it . All the names are male.

Arlis: meaning?

Beckett : meaning?

Damalis : Greek : One who gentles : pronunciation?

Damani : Greek : meaning? pronunciation?

Decon : Greek :Servant : pronunciation?

Dias : Greek : meaning? pronunciation?

Elias : Greek : form of ELIJAH - Lord is my God : pronunciation?

Evaggelos : Greek : meaning? pronunciation?

Hallon : meaning? pronunciation?

Leszeck : meaning? pronunciation?

Linos : Greek: Flaxen Colored : pronunciation?

Pollux : Greek : meaning?

Tiberius : meaning? pronunciation?

Take Care.

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