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Subject: Re: pronunciation or / plus meaning
Author: Mike C   (Authenticated as Mike C)
Date: May 17, 2001 at 7:18:55 PM
Reply to: pronunciation or / plus meaning by Natasa
Hi Natasa,

Some of the names are already in the databse - click on the links below to see the definition of those names.

Tiberius - tie-BEER-ee-us

Pollux - PAW-luks - spelled in Greek Polydeukes meaning "one who cares much". He was the brother of Castor in myth.

Linos - LINE-es (I am not completely sure of the pronounciation) - variant of Linus presumably.

Evaggelos - ev-an-JELL-os - variant of Evangelos = "good news" (when a gamma is before another gamma in Greek it is pronounced as English ng - Pavlos will surely correct me if I'm wrong)

Elias - el-EE-ass - Greek form of Elijah

Damalis - da-MAL-iss - Greek "calf"

Beckett - BEH-ket - from a surname meaning "little brook" or "source of the brook".

Decon - DEE-cun - Variant of Deacon, a surname which originally belonged to someone who was a deacon in a church. Ultimately from Greek diakonos "servant".

Leszeck - not sure of pronounciation - probably a variant of Leszek

Damani - maybe from Greek *damazein* "to tame" ??

I'll leave it to others to handle the pick up rest, which I am not too sure about.

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