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Subject: Re: I'm an idiot
Author: Sarahjeanne   (guest)
Date: May 18, 2001 at 12:42:57 AM
Reply to: Re: I'm an idiot by Gia Nadine
Go get one!!! What's Ryan getting?? You should get one that's really cool and means something to you, because otherwise you'll regret it. I love mine, but sometimes I wish I would have gotten something a little more meaningful. I do love Tinkerbell, though!!

Ohhh, I will most definately try the neck pinch!

Back to tattoo's, For my next one, I was thinking of getting one on my big toe. A flower that has different colored petals. A different color for everyone that is really important to me. What do you think? Something like that or maybe Sanskrit. I think Sanskrit is so beautiful.


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