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Subject: Re: the first name of Tempy
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: May 19, 2001 at 7:26:47 PM
Reply to: Re: the first name of Tempy by Daividh
"The dwarfy napettes in Ur-Fantasia do sound objectionable. Also somewhat objectionable is a stereotype that survived in film, the crows in "Dumbo"."

******Yep. That Dumbo crow racial stereotype is even more offensive when you realize that the lead crow just happens to be named "Jim Crow". Of course, Disney redeems itself somewhat by having made the crows the good guys -- but that little "Jim Crow" joke ain't exactly clever or witty.

"But I don't find either Uncle Remus or Amos and Andy (the TV version) objectionable,"

******No, I think they're more goofy than offensive. Of course, I'm not Black, so I pretty much go by how my Black friends and acquaintances feel about that stuff. Same as I go by how my Gay friends and acquaintances feel about a lot of stereotyping of the Gay community -- which eventually will sound just as ignorant to an educated society as racial stereotyping sounds to intelligent people today.

But as with you, my own Black friends and acquaintances who are familiar with those old films don't really raise that much of an eyebrow over them.

-- Nanaea

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