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Subject: Re: Kelly for a boy??
Author: Sabine   (guest)
Date: May 21, 2001 at 3:16:02 PM
Reply to: Re: Kelly for a boy?? by Tracie
My boyfriend is called Robert Francis and he said he was so embarrassed at school by his middle name because it sounded like the girl's name: Frances. But things have changed since the sixties! Where I live there are a lot of unusual names for young kids, for instance there is a girl in my son's school called Unique... And then of course everyone changes spelling of names to be original: Aryane instead of Ariane, etc.Kelly is nice, I think quite girly but the name always grows on the person in the end. Putting an "i" would make it more feminine, wouldn't it? As in Toni?
One of my superior at work still gets annoyed when people take for granted that it's a man because of her position (MD) and the fact that she is called Lesley. She insists that Lesley is for a woman and Leslie for a man - but everybody does not seem to know that, so you will never cut down on the possibility of the confusion occurring...
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