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Subject: Re: why is my name still not added
Author: Andy   (guest)
Date: September 5, 2004 at 10:43:03 PM
Reply to: why is my name still not added by Menke
Your name difinitely exsists and I don't see any reason why it should not be added. The derivation you give seems doubtful to me though bacause I can't find it in any of my books. Das große Vornamen Lexikon (DUDEN), usually quite reliable, and Wilfried Seibicke's HDV (Historisches Deutsches Vornamenbuch) both give MEIN > MEGIN / MAGAN ("might") as its root. And at least SEIBICKE usually quotes any possible source if it's not too far our.

Now here I'm going to quote SEIBICKE, who gives a number of historical proofs of the name itself:

°Menke m/w, niederdt. auch [men-], Kosef. von Zuss. mit MEIN; Var.: Menko
Bel. a) männl.: M. Happen 1414 Neubg. zu Hildesheim, ZODER I, 666; Meng(en) 1473 Kininghusen, Mencke van Haeren 1496 Emden, RAVELING 1985, 69; Norderney 1752ff. Menneke, BRONS 1877, 97; Ostfriesld., REERSHEMIUS 1786, 51; - ostfries. Men(c)ke (m/w), Menneke (m/w), Mennke, Mengk, BRONS 1877, 62; auf den nordfries. Inseln vor 1900 Meenk/e, REINHARDT 62; nordfries. M., Menck, Menek, Mennick, JOHANNSEN 120; Christian Remmer Menken Heinks, Mühlenloog, geb. 1884, Ztg.; M. Kampen heir. 1997 Norden, Ztg.; - b) weibl.: Ostfriesld. 1521 Menek(en), 1532 Meenk(en) Fockens, RAVELING 1985, 131; - ostfries. Men(c)ke (m/w), Menneke (m/w), Mengele, BRONS 1877, 62

Menko m, eindeutig männl. Form zu Menke
Bel.: Mengo 1455 u. Mencko 1467 Ostfriesld., RAVELING 1985, 69; - ostfries. Men(c)ko, Menco, BRONS 1877, 62; M. Groenewold, Leer, geb. um 1917, Ztg.; Braunschweig 1987

Andy ;—)

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