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Subject: Re: why is my name still not added
Author: Menke   (guest)
Date: September 6, 2004 at 1:51:36 AM
Reply to: Re: why is my name still not added by Mike C
k thx i'll wait and what concerns the origin of the name
i'm sure those book sources are accurate but i also 100% sure about my own language and 'manneke' is just a normal Dutch word that u can find in a good Dutch dictionary and as all those sources state Menke and Menneke are the same, so my explanation of the origin is accurate (enough).

what happens here is that these bookwriters are going deeper and deeper into it. They look for the origin of 'man' and 'manneke' but in that way you can go on and on and when i take a look at the site i don't see why MY explanation isn't accurate enough

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