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Subject: Does any one know what Taina means?
Author: blue kites   (Authenticated as bluekites)
Date: August 11, 2006 at 9:49:25 AM
My name's Taina.
I'm caribbean.
And I don't know about the origin of my name.

This site tells it comes from the male name Titus or something, a name used for a few saints in history.

I want to know about MY name though, not the male version :[

It's an uncommon name so I guess it's not really noted on.

I pronounce my name: Tie-Na , but it's supposed to be: Tie-ee-na because there's an accent on the I, there's 2 dots. Except, not even my mother pronounces it how it's even spelt on my birth certificates..etc. plus, people struggle pronouncing my name any way, it's just awkward explaining the double dotted that's an accent.

So does any one know what Taina means?

-Thanks In Advance.

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