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Subject: Re: Elita?
Author: Andy   (guest,
Date: September 8, 2004 at 2:48:37 AM
Reply to: Re: ELITA? by Chrisell
What I was trying to say: There are names which are used only within a certain group of people, either ethnic or religious or maybe something else. So sometimes you can draw conclusions from the roots of a person to the roots of his name. Christine however is a name used all over the world.
But thinking about it, I must admit: Christine is in fact a good example in a different way, as at least no Jew would chose this name for his child (and probably no-one who puts stress on the fact that he is no Christian).
Greek or Latin? I am sure you know all about the origin of your name, and I guess in antiquity there was a lot of back and forth between the two languages, especially when it came to names. I am still looking for a book (or else for a good site) telling me what happended to Hebrew names when they were translated to Greek in the Septuagint. I did check quite a few of the 1,800 google hits, but got weary on the way. So maybe you can help …

Andy ;—)

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