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Subject: Re: What do these names mean: Eske Svea
Author: Andy   (guest,
Date: September 8, 2004 at 4:10:20 AM
Reply to: What do these names mean: Eske Svea by Jens Uwe Meyer
Eske: Das große Vornamenlexikon (Duden) says: Fresian pet form, probably of names formed with Old Fresian "es", meaning "Ase (God)".

Svea is as Swedish as can be: The Svear people were one of the Germanic tribes in the early history of Sweden. "Sverige", the Swedish name of the country, means "Svear-rike" (realm of the Svear). The Roman writer Tacitus reports about the Svear in his book "Germania".

A Swedish professor of linguistics from the University of Uppsala told me: Svea probably means something like "of the own people, ourselves" (similar to the original meaning of "deutsch", German).

In modern times Svea became a symbolic character representing Sweden as a whole. In 1670 the artist David Klöcker Ehrenstahl painted "Moder Svea" to the ceiling of the Knights' Hall in Stockholm.

There is a poem by Esaias Tegnér called "Svea" (1811), calling upon Svea to help against the Russians, who had (once more) invaded the country. This time she couldn't help.

Hope this helps

Andy ;—)

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