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Subject: Re: Pomme - pronunciation
Author: may1787   (Authenticated as may1787)
Date: August 22, 2006 at 3:31:02 AM
Reply to: Pomme - pronunciation by Luxiana
Pomme, in French, is prounounced in different ways among the variety of dialects. In some countries where French is the common language it is pronounced as the pom in pom-pom, and in others it is pronounced as the word poem is pronounced. It is just as the american word Aunt, which can be pronounced "Ant" or "Awnt". It is just a minor technicality, but if your child is planning on living their life mostly in the United States, I would say that the word Pomme would be pronounced as the pom in pom-pom, as that is how it is taught to students of French (well, in the majority of cases anyway)who were born speaking English.
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