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Subject: Re: Nissa
Author: Andy   (guest)
Date: September 9, 2004 at 1:10:05 PM
Reply to: Nissa by Miss Claire
"Miracle" in Hebrew is "nes" (nun-aleph-samech)
"sign" would be "siman" (samech-yud-mem-nun) or "ot" (aleph-taw)
"test" (temptation) is "nisayon" (nun-samech-yud-nun) or "nisui" (nun-samech-waw-yud)
"to test" is "nisa" (nun-samech-he), which is a perfect form, the infinitiv being "lenasot"

Also there is a verb "nasa" (nun-sin-aleph / to lift, carry, bear), and the Piel form would be "nisa" meaning "to rise" or for a woman "to get married".

I don't know about the Jewish name Nissa, it is not biblical, that's all I know.

Andy ;—)

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