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Subject: Re: Does anyone...
Author: Melissa   (guest)
Date: May 31, 2001 at 2:32:23 PM
Reply to: Re: Does anyone... by Phyllis
Phyllis ,
You're right. San Joaquin Valley is here in CA--the central part--and a Mexican explorer named it after Saint Joaquin (or Joachim , in English). Saint Joaquin is an important saint to Roman Catholics, especially in Mexico and some of the other Central American countries, b/c he is the father of the Virgin Mary--I know there are several villages in Mexico that have adopted him as their patron saint.

Nanaea , I wondered why Joaquin was a "hippie" name, too, but your theory sounds right to me. San Joaquin Valley is a huge agricultuural community, and it's not really too far from the San Francisco area. Whoever put that website together might also be referring to Joaquin Phoenix , whose parents were hippies themselves? Either way, it's a cool name--if my daughter had been a boy it would have been his middle name:)!


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