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Subject: Re: about lin:...(m)
Author: Andy   (guest,
Date: September 10, 2004 at 7:46:51 AM
Reply to: about lin:...(m) by Menke
You are right, Menke, about the three possible meanings of "-lind". But etymologically they are all one:
The tree (German "Linde" is so called, because its wood is flexible and thus very useful for making bows.
The same applies to the snake (as in German "Lindwurm" = dragon), not the part about bows, but its ability to bend.
This is at least what my etymological dictionaries say (Kluge and dtv).

I don't know about the name Ashlyn(n), but I guess, the ending -lin can also be a deminutive.

Keep going, Menke, you are a thorough worker and make good contributions to the board, as far as I can judge.

Andy ;—)

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