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Subject: Looking for origins on several names
Author: RachelChristine   (Authenticated as RachelChristine)
Date: September 10, 2004 at 10:12:58 AM

Omari -- Is it related to Omar?
Omarion -- related to Omar? Marion? How about the versions like Amarion and Jamarion and Damarian?
Osbaldo -- related to Oswald? Maybe Spanish or Portuguese or something like that?
Oswaldo -- This has to be related to Oswald, but is it Spanish or something else?

Quinten -- Probably just a form of Quintin used in the English speaking world, but on the off chance it's something else, since it's not in the database, I'll ask.

Yadiel -- related to Adiel?
Yahir -- some form of Yair?

Zaire -- I realize it's the name of a country, but anyone know if it has a meaning?
Zain/Zaine/Zayne -- This site has Zane as an unknown Danish surname and Zayn as an Arabic name meaning "beauty, grace". I always thought these were forms of John, which does kinda tie into that Arabic meaning. Are these spellings just forms of Zane or Zayn?
Zakary -- I know it's a variant of Zachary, but is it just an English form or is it maybe from somewhere else?

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