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Subject: Re: Meaning of the Name
Author: Menke   (Authenticated as menke)
Date: September 11, 2004 at 9:35:34 AM
Reply to: Meaning of the Name by Ajith Nair
this one is very difficult:

Suvin is also written as Suveen. Now there are more names ending like that: Praveen, Naveen. Both of them have a known meaning: Praveen = expert and Naveen = new. Using a Sanskrit dictionary, i've found the words naviina with the meaning 'new' and praviina with the meaning 'expert'. Considering this, u might think that we have to look for the word suviina , but this is not in the dictionary :-(. However, we do know that the prefix su- means in Sanskrit 'very, good'. Also, in Hindi this prefix means 'excellent' (which is quite alike). Now we have to find out what the last part ( vin ) is from, but so far i haven't found out, well i have found in the Sanskrit dictionary the words vina and vinaa , both with the meaning 'without', but 'very without' doesn't make sense. What viina in the words praviina and naviina means, i don;t know and i can;t think of a common part that those two words share (in meaning). i found also the word kaviina and Kaveen is also a name! At this moment suviina is of unknown meaning. i'm sorry that i couldnt help you :-(.

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