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Subject: Re: meaning..etymology...history
Author: Menke   (Authenticated as menke)
Date: September 12, 2004 at 4:28:44 AM
Reply to: meaning..etymology...history by Venancio Jimenez III
Venancio is quite rare nowadays but it's the Spanish form of the Lati name Venantius, of which there are 6 saints bearing that name.

As the above source shows, the Venantes are a type of hunting spiders. Off course the name Venantius is not derived from Venantes, but it shares the some origin: venari . I already thought it would come from this word, meaning 'to hunt' or venatio , meaning 'hunter', but this source states it. Your name means thus 'hunter'

About your last name:

it means 'son of Jimen'. Jimen is commonly written as Ximen and another variant is Gimen (note at the lastname Gimenes). People think it is a Spanish form of Simon (according to this site). To see the meaning thus of Ximen, click on the hyperlink of Simon.

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