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Subject: Re: Question to Miss Claire
Author: Rosomaqa   (guest,
Date: September 15, 2004 at 11:48:59 AM
Reply to: Re: Question to Miss Claire by Miss Claire
Of course you may ask!

I'm Polish of part Jewish background (but raised in Australia, so bilingual/bicultural)and a name freak.
So I was just wondering what your interest was, especially since many of the names you mentioned were in the correct Polish spelling (as opposed to Englishized/Hebrew/German etc.)

I must say that I dislike many of the *Yiddish* Polish names, either because they have that German sound/derivation (like Hirsz, Lejb, Golde, Bluma) or because the way they sound in Polish is just icky/ridiculous (like Srul, Fejgele, Ruchla, Szaja) (nothing anti-semitic, I assure you, Czech also sounds weird to Polish ears).

The names I personally like are usually many of the *Hebrew-derived* ones - like Arie, Tamar, Refael, Cywia, Hadasa, Szoszana etc.



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